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We treat our patients with care, respect, and compassion, and we are grateful for your feedback and reviews

We take all necessary steps to treat our patients with respect, care and compassion, and we are greateful when we receive feedback.  We would appreciate your reviews, and we thank you for choosing Optometrist in Staten Island Dr. Valentina Terenii’s practice! We are here to help! We appreciate your reviews on Google.   

Dr. Terentii recommends that you check your eyes with an eye care doctor at least every 6-12 month – and we would happy to help if you decide to trust our office, like many hundreds of other local patients. 

Dina A.

Dr. Terentii is very knowledgeable and intelligent doctor. She takes her time with the patient. I go to see her every year and recommended her to all my friends.

Anthony C.

A very nice, clean and kind facility. Dr Terentii is a very knowledge optometrist. She was very kind and took the time to answer my questions and gave me a very thorough eye exam.


Dr. Terentii is amazing! She has incredible bedside manner, is very thorough, detail oriented, and kind. She took her time answering all my questions and walked me through the eye exam step by step. I highly recommend Dr. Terentii to anyone looking for an eye doctor!


Excellent doctor. I had great experience. Thank you Dr. Terentii very much!!

Sergey K.

I decided to opt in for a Lumenis Optilight IPL treatment at Dr. Terentii's office. Dr. Terentii explained all the benefits and even included a photo facial into the treatment as a bonus. My eyes started to feel better after the 2d session and after the whole course my eyes feel great and potatochip feeling in the eyes is gone.

Milla G.

I had a great visit at the office with Dr. Valentina. Doctor spent enough time explaining my situation, and prescribed glasses. She was attentive, knowledgeable, sweet and kind. After I picked a pair of computer progressive fashionable glasses with Eric that everyone at my work give me great compliments upon.

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